Saturday, October 2, 2010

Handcycling, anyone?

Our Mission, as the Northwest Indiana Spinal Cord Injury Group, is to improve the quality of life for those with spinal cord injuries, living in Northwest Indiana; through education, advocacy, peer support, and recreational outings.

As the director of the NWI SCI Group, I would like to help further our cause by offering to go on a handcycle ride with anyone interested in experiencing handcycling.
I have two different styles... a Quickie Mach II and a Top End XLT.

I wold even be willing to loan one of my personal handcycles out for a short time as well. I find that riding gives me a feeling of freedom and independence that I don't experience in many other ways. I know the cycling season is coming to an end shortly, but there's always next summer.

Contact me at or call 219-531-0055 for more information.

Let's ride!


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