Thursday, July 3, 2008

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My name is Joe White and I am very excited to announce that the Northwest Indiana Spinal Cord Injury Group is bringing three spinal cord injury documentaries to Northwest Indiana for free showings at the...

Donations will be accepted at the door.

Please spread the word about these films. They are all very entertaining, informative, and inspirational films that can be enjoyed by everyone. I personally think anyone with a SCI or anyone who knows someone with a SCI should see these films.

The movies are:

July 20th at 2 pm
Christopher Reeve: Hope in Motion… Trailer

This intimate portrait focuses on Chris's remarkable recovery of movement and his constant fight to fully regain his mobility. Following Chris closely over many months of treatment and public campaigning for funds for stem cell research, this film was completed shortly before his death and shows his struggle to keep his hope alive. Sadly, Chris died before his most fervent wish could come to pass. What emerges through this film is a portrait of an intelligent, determined, candid and outspoken man who was able to maintain his sense of humor in the face of adversity. His inspiring personality will shine through as you follow his unpredictable, emotional journey.

August 3rd at 2 pm
MAPPING STEM CELL RESEARCH : Terra Incognita… Trailer

This film puts a human face on this controversial subject. When neurologist Dr. Jack Kessler's daughter injured her spine in a skiing accident, he turned his energies toward finding a method to repair damaged spinal cords, re-focusing his research on developing a therapy using embryonic stem cells to regenerate the damaged parts of the nervous system. His research has taken him into a politically very sensitive area in which Catholic and fundamentalist Christian views about the beginning of life exert a powerful influence.

August 17th at 2 pm

Murderball is an intimate and personal look at life in a wheelchair. The story chronicles the journey of the United States Para Olympic Quad Rugby Team from 2002 to 2004 ending in Athens, Greece with a championship game against their rivals from Canada.

*We are still looking for sponsors for these events. Please contact nwiscig@gmail for more information.


The Spinal Cord Injury Walk 2008 is scheduled for Sunday, September 21, 2008.

Last year more than 180 people attended the walk and it was a huge success. This year should be even better. It is a great way to raise awareness for spinal cord injuries, exercise, and spend time with family and friends. There will be live music, a silent auction, door prizes, food, and a 5k-fitness walk. Pictures of the Spinal Cord Injury Walk 2007 can be found at

The proceeds will benefit spinal cord injury research, advocacy groups and the Northwest Indiana Spinal Cord Injury Group.

Volunteers and sponsors are needed for this event also. Please contact nwiscig@gmail for more information.

I can email flyers for all events, but If preprinted flyers are needed I will try to get them to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your help.

Joe White
Northwest Indiana Spinal Cord Injury Group

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